On the 15th December 2009,
the National Coordinator of Pagan Federation Ireland
was registered on the Register of Solemnisers,
under the terms of Section 53(3) of the Civil Registration Act 2004,
marking a historic landmark for Irish Pagan rights.

Consequently, it became possible to be legally married 
in a Pagan ceremony in Ireland from that date.

If you wish to be legally married in a Pagan ceremony,
please contact  paganfederationireland@gmail.com
to discuss the necessary requirements and celebrant availability. 

Please note that Pagan marriages are usually carried out
on Saturdays or Sundays.

Pagan Federation Ireland maintains a register of celebrants,
living throughout Ireland, who may be contacted regarding
Wedding Blessings, Baby namings or Funeral

With the passing of the Marriage Equality referendum,
we are delighted to be able to marry couples from the
LGBT community.

For further information contact   paganfederationireland@gmail.com 
with your proposed location and ceremonial requirements.

If you have been a member of Pagan Federation Ireland
for over three years, and would like to be added to
Pagan Federation Ireland's register of legal celebrants, 
please contact paganfederationireland@gmail.com  
to discuss your details.

For an interesting historical perspective on the Brehon Laws
relating to marriage, see the CELT link :
Law of the Couple - Cain Lanamna

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