Welcome to Pagan Federation Ireland
Promoting and Defending The Pagan Traditions

Pagan Federation Ireland was originally set up as primarily a campaigning organisation,
                   one that would actively fight the ignorance and negative                      
attitudes towards Paganism which were at large then,
and which obviously still exist in various forms today.

Pagan Federation Ireland exists as a resource for the
Pagan people of Ireland. 

We support all Pagan paths, and aspects of our work include: 

                       Organising events and social gatherings;                    
Establishing a strong network of people united in
our love of the earth:  

Combating negative images of Paganism in the media;         
Dissemination of accurate information on Paganism;         
Publishing information packs on various Pagan paths;       
Providing information on what's going on in your area;    
Fighting to establish Paganism as a religion legally recognised
as having equal status to other belief systems.

If you are interested in the work we do,
and would like 
to help or join us,​
you can contact Pagan Federation Ireland via :


Pagan Federation (Ireland) regards membership of any organisations that refuse
    to support freedom of religion and equality of race, gender and sexual orientation,
as incompatible with our aims, objectives and values.

Pagan Federation (Ireland) is an autonomous national body,
which has aims in common with, and is federated to,
the Pagan Federation, but is separate from and independent of it.

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